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Album 1Pieces by J. S. Bach, R. Schumann, F. J. Gossec, T. H. Bayly, S. Suzuki and folk songs.Purchase Album 1 Twinkle, Twinkle Suzuki Violin School, Vol. 1 (All 17 Tracks for $9.99)

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Variations, S. Suzuki
Lightly Row, Folk Song
Song of the Wind, Folk Song
Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Folk Song
O Come, Little Children, Folk Song
May Song, Folk Song
Long, Long Ago , T. H. Bayly
Allegro, S. Suzuki
Perpetual Motion, S. Suzuki
Allegretto, S. Suzuki
Andantino, S. Suzuki
Etude, S. Suzuki
Minuet No. 1, J. S. Bach
Minuet No. 2, J. S. Bach
Minuet No. 3, J. S. Bach
The Happy Farmer, R. Schumann
Gavotte, F. J. Gossec
(David Brickman, Violin; Michael Salmirs, Piano)

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